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During the Covid-19 pandemic, I created this blog, so that I can share free ideas and resources for families that have young children learning from home.

I have a PhD in Science and now work as a Learning Advisor and Tutor, so I wanted to try to share my ideas with anyone out there who is feeling overwhelmed or out of their depth when embarking on home schooling, either temporarily of full-time. I hope these ideas can offer a little bit of help and guidance.

I am mum to an 8-year old child, so a lot of the ideas will suit similarly aged children. However, I am aiming to provide ideas that can easily be adapted for older and younger students. I will also provide suggestions for quick lessons, for those working from home, and then extension options, for those able to devote more of their day to home schooling.

You can do this!

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My original training was as a Scientist, specifically within the fields of Evolutionary Biology, Zoology and Botany. I am therefore including lots of content stemming from my knowledge in, and passion for, STEM (excuse the pun!).

Learning Mindset

My current work as a Learning Advisor involves helping students to embed effective learning and studying strategies, so I will be peppering my content ideas with these foundational skills.


One of the most important skills for success is effective communication. Many of the ideas I share will incorporate strategies for enhancing communication skills.


Dr Janine Rix is an award winning Learning Advisor and Tutor with a passion for supporting students to reach their potential. You can find out more at Janine’s main website.

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You got this!

Remember that you can only do your best and you will also be learning so much as you go!

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