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I started this blog during the Covid-19 pandemic, to enable me to share free ideas and resources for families that have young children learning from home.

I have a PhD in Science and now work as a Learning Advisor and Tutor, providing assistance to students at all ages and stages (from early childhood, all the way up to postgraduate level).

I am keen to share my ideas with anyone out there who is feeling overwhelmed or out of their depth when embarking on home schooling, either temporarily of full-time. I hope these ideas can offer a little bit of help and guidance.

The ideas in this blog are primarily aimed at children aged 7 to 10 years of age. However, I am aiming to provide ideas that can easily be adapted for older and younger students.

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My original training was as a Scientist, specifically within the fields of Evolutionary Biology, Zoology and Botany. I am therefore including lots of content stemming from my knowledge in, and passion for, STEM (excuse the pun!).

Learning Mindset

My current work as a Learning Advisor involves helping students to embed effective learning and studying strategies, so I will be peppering my content ideas with these foundational skills.


One of the most important skills for success is effective communication. Many of the ideas I share will incorporate strategies for enhancing communication skills. You might also be interested to check out my science communication podcast: Sister Doctor Squared.


Dr Janine Rix is an award winning Learning Advisor and Tutor with a passion for supporting students to reach their potential. You can find out more at Janine’s main website.

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